The @BradysGallery Christmas Card
Star Wars, Space Soldiers, Politics, and Jesus...these are a few of my favorite things.
 A Christmas card, campaign, and gif.
Final Illustration
For the Bradys Gallery Christmas Card I set out to draw for me and for fun and begot this. I wanted to share some of what I enjoy and apparently that's a a mix of Christmas and Lifeday. 
I wanted to make this card available to my insta followers. The problem? Not having any of their addresses. Thus it involved into a mini campaign. I made these posts requesting sign ups on a google docs. Again this was a passion project so as long as they made me laugh they achieved their goal. Thankfully they also got people to sign for my card and I sent out 76 in all.
Finally I posted this gif on Christmas day wishing a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my followers!

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